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Men's Life Enrichment Group

The Men's Life Enrichment Group is dedicated to helping men become the spiritual leaders that God called them to be. Accountability, bible study, fellowship and prayer all contribute to the goal of this ministry. Meet with a small group of men to encourage and challenge each other to live a life that is pleasing to God, our families and our church.

The Men's Ministry is composed of sons, brothers, husbands, fathers, and grandfathers who love Christ and have a passion to become the man He wants us to be. A Christ-like man is a servant, a servant of God's church, a servant of his family, a servant of his community.

Women's Life Enrichment Group - Sisters Inspiring Sisters (S.I.S)

Our purpose is to bring women of all ages together for fellowship, growth and to reach out to our friends and family with the message of God's love as demonstrated through Jesus' life, death and resurrection.

We desire to build intentional relationships by:

  • Widening our circle of friendships among women within the church family and community.

  • Serving God by using our giftedness for the benefits of others.

  • Strengthen women by spending time in the word of God

  • Encouraging women to participate in a small group family

We are here to develop and strengthen authentic relationships, learn to be accountable to each other, and offer the same selfless love that Christ offers us in an effort to become the genuine, virtuous women we were created to be.

Singles Life Enrichment Group

Our mission is to provide a ministry to young adults, divorcees, widows and single adults that fosters’ individual wholeness through a relationship with God. Our desire is for our single adults to grow into the image of Christ and prepare for their destiny God has planned for them.

We want to help preparing our singles…

  • To heal past hurts.

  • To meet Jesus Christ.

  • To receive and give unconditional love.

  • To learn how to live a saved life single.

  • How to give service to God as a single adult.

  • To meet other Christian single adults.

City Blazers Life Enrichment Group

City Blazers is the Young Adult small group here at COJ and our mission is to praise and glorify God, as well as gain an understanding of God's word and teachings as it applies in our lives; to provide an open forum where young adults can meet regularly to discuss the various spiritual issues our age group faces; to provide support and fellowship while keeping in the work of the Lord; to motivate one another to maintain our walk of faith and continue to glorify God in all that we do; to be a social group of positive influence, providing guidance and direction towards purpose and self-discovery.

We want to help each other recognize and acknowledge our gifts, abilities, and talents and help in finding ways within the community to use them for God's purpose and good work.


You weren’t created to do life alone. Being part of a Life Track means having people you can talk to, depend on, and explore God’s Word with as well as the mind body and soul. Getting plugged in with a life track is a great place to start when looking to get connected.  

Life tracks will last from 6-8 weeks at a time.  They will have a topic and a meeting location and set time each week.  Life Tracks will be lead by 2 host 

Youth Life Enrichment Group - 2016

Our mission is for our youth to see Christ as the answer, getting an opportunity to know Him better through worship, small groups, and activities. Our young people are to love God and each other as Christ has loved us, and to impact those around them with His love.

Our mission is to reach out to our youth in our church and community to provide a place of fellowship and growth where we can connect with God, with each other, and the community.

Marriage Ministry

The marriage small group is an open small group for married, engaged and seriously dating couples.

Come and gather as a group and learn more about marriage life principles based on The Bible. A great benefit of participating is developing great relationships with other married couples who are passionate about marriage. We always say, "If you want to have a great marriage, hang out with people who have a great marriage."

This small group is generally focused on learning, but we also take some time to have a little fun and fellowship. There are various teaching methods used such as viewing a DVD and then joining in a question and answer discussion, or viewing a power point presentation with handouts, or simply a time of sharing with one another.

This group is dedicated to connecting new members with current members for 3-6 months in becoming acclimated to City of Joy.

Outreach Group

City of Joy OUT Ministry mission is to serve the community with the love of Christ. The OUT team will bring the ministry of Christ to the community by praying, visiting the sick and provide resources and support for those in need.

A New Members Connect Group (NEW)

Womens Enrich
City Blazers
Youth Life
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